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Ancient grain crisps: Great for cookies!

Did you know that one of the functions of baking is drying? Ancient grain crisps are naturally dry, but they maintain their crisp texture throughout the baking process and over the course of their shelf life. Drying something already naturally dry…it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Jun 13, 2016

Chia: Small but mighty

Chia. It's not just for pets anymore! New chia product introductions soared in 2015. This year a total of 952 new chia products were intro-duced around the globe, 263 in the States alone.

It's just the latest chapter in the ongoing story of chia's spectacular rise. Since 2010 the number of products featuring chia has all but exploded. Over that five-year span there have been 400 cereal bar introductions globally (rather amazing since snack bars aren't nearly as popular out-side North America), 296 vitamin and dietary supplement intros and 197 cold cereals.

Why ancient grain crisps trump rice crisps in granola bars

Rice crisps provide great crunch and significant carbohydrates to granola bars, but not much protein, only 7%. Why is that a problem? Because protein is where it’s at these days, especially in mainstream bars. Enter HarvestPro™ ancient grain crisps! They're packed with 50-60% protein and an ancient grain story to your package.They deliver no allergens, no gluten, are GMO-free and taste great too. Rice crisps may be cheaper, but at what cost?