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The Next Generation Grains Facility

State-of-the-art grain ingredient processing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Using the highest standards for food safety, product quality, biosecurity, and innovation, Glanbia Nutritionals has designed and built the most sophisticated grain processing facility in the ingredient industry. More than a grain processing facility, it is a food ingredient plant.

This 63,000-square-foot installation is designed from top to bottom with design features atypical of grain processing plants, and exceeds the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act with fully enclosed processing, concrete construction, and cutting-edge technology.

Food safety

In order to maintain the highest food safety, our building is slipform constructed and our processes are fully enclosed, eliminating access to the elements and risk of contamination.

Pressured, MERV 15 filtered air eliminates airborne contaminants with additional HEPA filtration in clean processing rooms.

Small batch sizes allow for accurate traceability as well as organic, GMO, or other segregations. All in a gluten-free, allergen-free facility.

Checks & balances

Systems of mandated checks and balances prevent contaminants like pests or field debris from entering the building. Metal detection throughout the process ensures no metal escapes our system.

Redline room

Employees proceed through shoe and uniform change stations before entering and exiting secure clean room areas to eliminate risk of contamination.

Sanitary environments

Captive and controlled environments are joined by a system of stainless steel pipes, keeping products segregated, pure and safe.

Heat treatment

MicroSure™ Plus heat treatment provides a validated minimum 5-log kill step to eliminate pathogens from our seed and grain products.

Food quality

Our commitment to the highest food quality standards is reflected in our precise manufacturing and milling processes. We only accept 99.9% pure, food grade raw materials.

Our patented MeadowPure® seed sourcing and sorting process for flaxseed delivers full nutritional value and guaranteed stability.

State-of-the-art milling technology strengthens product stability.

Temperature and humidity-controlled airflow creates an optimal storage environment. All of these safeguards and more ensure our facility offers the highest quality products in the industry.

Quality analysis

On-site quality testing and monitoring is carried out in designated lab spaces, allowing for production teams to make adjustments in real time.

Cutting edge technology

Our commitment to excellence extends down to the production floor with sophisticated grain processing equipment like the Buhler Hammer Mill.

Precise manufacturing

Production lines with state-of-the-art equipment are monitored by control room operations during each run. Employees can detect flow issues, blockages and errors instantly from one central location.

Quality certifications

Our facility and products are independently certified SQF Level 3, organic, kosher, halal, and gluten-free.

SQF Quality Shield

Food safety and product quality start with a secure environment. That’s why we’re especially committed to monitoring our facilities and establishing best practices for visitors and employees alike.

Using high-tech systems and controlled operating procedures, we go even further to prevent the introduction of contaminants, maintain a cleaner environment and deliver a higher quality product.

Managed access

Deliveries and visitors are received in separate entry rooms to prevent contaminants from entering the facility. CCTV monitoring allows for observation of activity once inside the building.

External safeguards

Exterior controls like perimeter fencing and CCTV monitoring ensure the protection of critical areas.

Biometric control

High-security areas are safeguarded from unauthorized entry with finger-scan technology. Our advanced system guarantees access is restricted to those with permissions.