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Be Sure

That your gluten-free oats contain less than 10ppm gluten.
That they are pathogen free.
That they'll stay fresh up to 18 months.

When you purchase OatPure shredded oats, jumbo oat flakes, steel cut oats or quick cook oats, you can be certain that they are completely gluten free. No other manufacturer uses anything like our stringent 14-step OatSecure  supply chain process, which consistently delivers oats that are less than 10ppm gluten — guaranteed.

Additionally, all Glanbia OatPure products are treated with a 4.6-log kill process that not only eliminates pathogens, it contributes to significantly longer shelf life — up to 18 months.

And they taste delicious. Glanbia OatPure gluten-free products are 100% Irish oats. Grown under perfect conditions, they lead the industry in quality, flavor and texture.

Glanbia has grown and milled oats for over 30 years. In that time we've acquired a deep knowledge of what it takes to ensure the integrity and reliability of our products. We've also set new standards in planting, growing, monitoring, harvesting and processing oats.

The OatSecure supply chain: the new standard for gluten-free oats

OatSecure is an NSF certified 14-step supply chain process that delivers total gluten-free control at every step of production, from seed selection to planting, growing, monitoring, harvest, transport and storage.

  1. Seed Selection

    Our gluten-free oat seeds are selected from the Barra variety for consistency and integrity. This variety provides larger grain than US/Canadian grains with better appearance and uniformity. North American suppliers typically use multiple cultivars, inviting inconsistencies.

  2. Seed Harvesting

    Seed that passes all inspections is harvested and transported by dedicated gluten-free machinery.

  3. Seed Intake & Storage

    Seed is stored in 100% oats-only facility that eliminates any chance of cross contamination.

  4. Seed Sampling

    Seed testing in the sampling phase ensures zero tolerance for gluten contamination from other grains.

  5. Positive Release of Seed

    Only seed meeting our stringent testing standards for gluten-free certification is released.

  6. Storage & Traceability of Seed

    Seed is stored in 100% oat-only facilities before sowing.

  7. Grower Selection

    Our growers are carefully selected based on location, crop rotation and ability to engage in gluten-free agriculture. All of them go through a rigorous selection and training process before they're permitted to grow our gluten-free oats.

  8. Land Selection & Preparation

    Farmers work with Glanbia expert agronomists to ensure fields are gluten-free ready. We verify only land on the correct rotation is use. For full traceability we note the GPS coordinates of each field of the crop. Buffer land is required to eliminate cross contamination from wheat or barley.

  9. Sowing

    The oat seed is planted with equipment that is completely uncontaminated with gluten. Glanbia agronomists support the farmers throughout the season, making regular visits and conducting detailed crop inspections.

  10. Crop Management

    Our agronomists support farmers throughout the growing season. Regular visits and detailed crop inspections are conducted to monitor the health and oat-only status of the crop.

  11. Harvesting

    Only crops that have passed the final stage of inspection are harvested, again by uncontaminated equipment. Crops are harvested at less than 20% moisture, then transported by gluten-free trucks to our oat-only intake facility. Every truck that transports Glanbia oats has an ID and each load can be traced back to the individual grower.

  12. Oat Intake and Gluten-Free Assessment

    Oats are transferred to the intake facility and tested to be certified gluten-free.

  13. Drying & Storage

    Unlike other manufacturers, we dry our oats within 3 days to restrict pathogen and mycotoxin growth (which can contribute to reduced shelf life). No other manufacturer takes steps like these to ensure product purity and extend shelf life. Oats are stored in 100% oat-only storage.

  14. Oat Out Loading

    Oats are tested again, and, once proven to be gluten free, are out loaded for processing.

The Portlaiose Oat Mill Commissioned 2013

Once the oats have passed through every step in the 14-step OatSecure supply chain process, they undergo processing at our new ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Buhler-equipped Oat Mill in Portlaoise Ireland. At one of the most hygienic and technologically advanced facilities of its kind in the world, the oats are milled in accordance with BRC, a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. The oats are further rendered safe by a validated 4.6 log heat treatment process that eliminates pathogens and also deactivates lipases to reduce oxidation and extend shelf life to 18 months.

In order to validate our OatSecure process we have developed a sampling and analysis program which provides confidence levels of greater than 99% that every batch of OatPure is guaranteed <10ppm gluten. The robustness of our programs have received further validation by an independent statistician. Every tote produced has an individual Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory.

With OatPure guaranteed gluten-free oats from Glanbia, supported by our OatSecure supply chain process, you can Be Sure.

Industry certifications

  • BRC Grade AA
  • GFSI-Audited Plant Network
  • Gluten-Free Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Key technologies

  • Foreign material control
  • Advanced optical sorting
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Raw material evaluation
  • Particle size testing
  • In-process deviation trending
  • Validated 4.6-log reduction heat treatment
  • Final product - 3rd party laboratory analysis
  • Physical and sensory positive release
  • Sustainability protocols


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Glanbia Gluten-Free Oats
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